7am 🌝🌴 to 7 pm✨🌺w singing Toucan extro 😹♥️

Habibi Angels Thx4 following me on SubscribeStar.adult ..
no longer on Patreon ..   they don’t know sensual ART & “ the p word “ .. . 
..for years now ..google  promotes spam & liable of my name (my brand)  in global searches .
.. will make a post for sponsor/producers of the  9 pages of graphic disgusting   “the p word” SPAM sites illegally using my name .. evil google promotes it yet never in the  2.5 years  i’m here in S⭐️.adult shows i’m here .. 
.. googleyoutube keeps me out of lucrative USA & English language demographics .. control freak google  doesn’t  like my free thinking  & being sensual  because i’m very popular when left alone ..  viewers love authenticity..
.. google takes away my  ability to earn revenue w malicious manipulation & fake “p word” spam ....
.. sigh .. that’s why i haven’t posted on googleyoutube for 9 months .. there’s more but won’t bore you w it

MY POST is BELOW ⬇️ these links
to alternative web sites




i’m waiting  to open a Regular
S⭐️ NON-adult account ..
here’s what it looks like ..but no videos posted because it hasn’t been approved yet